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We provide professional odor removal services providers to all 16 counties within the State of Maine from offices in Portland, Maine and Bangor, Maine.

Our Odor Removal Services:

We remove bad smells from homes, apartments, businesses, automobiles, trucks, trailers, camper, RV's & boats that defeat most attempts to destroy.

Odor Eliminating Products:

Our product line Synergy Americas, covers all of the bases - from total odor removal (with either gas or enzymes) to surface protection.



With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we at Maine Odor Pros, understand the role that consistent and careful cleaning plays in the control of odors. The removal of organic material that can decompose and become a food source for bacteria is key to odor control.


We eliminate the odors that fragrances can't cover, and ozone can't destroy: pet odors, tobacco, musty, stale air, odors from mold, mildew, hard workouts or bad living - we guarantee to rid them from your world, and then support you with the products necessary to keep them away!


Not all disinfectants are alike.

Many are sold by their fragrance, rather than by their performance. Fragrance has nothing to do with protecting your world.

We only use those that will rid germs quickly and leave no toxic residue behind. We insist on offering safer solutions.


Disinfectants only work when their wet - for about 10 minutes out of the day. Germs are deposited 1440 minutes of the day (24 hours), so we offer the application of non-toxic, completely sustainable coatings that keep bugs at bay. Surface protectants are your very best defense.


Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

Professional Odor Removal Service in Maine

Clean Air... We Make it A Reality.

We Provide Immediate Odor Removal Services

When your home, automobile, camper, RV or place of work is struggling with the unpleasant odors from pet accidents, tobacco smoke, rotting garbage or just stale, musty air - and you need it completely removed by a team of professionals, then we encourage you to work with us. We are the OdorPros, Professional Odor Removal Specialists for The State of Maine.

We know how to eliminate odors from walls, ceilings, fixtures and furniture, and then - using a proprietary method - create a solution that releases an odor-destroying vapor that neutralizes even the worst foul smells within just hours.

Why Choose Us for Odor Removal?

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

We Offer An Array of Odor Removal Products

We guarantee our work, but we can't guarantee that:

  • Your cat won's spray a wall again.
  • Your puppy won't have an accident
  • Your purchase of a used car for a teenager won't come with lingering odor of the previous owner's cigars
  • Your husband's recent attempt at chili won't leave a calling card, and
  • Your window will get closed in the library when the rain creates a roomful of musty books!

For all of these reasons, we make sure that we can equip you with the products and know-how to tackle the little stuff like an OdorPro!

Are Airborne Allergens Plaguing Your Family?

It is estimated that at least 30% of Maine adults, and 40% of Maine children are subject to the natural immunological responses triggered by microscopic particles all around us. We refer to these individuals as "allergy sufferers".

Almost exclusively, the airborne particles which cause such grief are organic in nature - bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, mildew and other odors and fragrances that cause red eyes, runny noses, coughing fits and sneezing.

Improving your home or workplace IAQ - Indoor Air Quality must include more than just filtration. Our Clean Air Cure is based upon a miracle molecule - chlorine dioxide, which is extremely small, seeking out and oxidizing these offenders before they can attack.

Top Causes for Home, Business & Rental Property Odors

Don't lose another night's sleep, rent or sale to odors like...

Pet Odors & Accidents

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Tobacco & Cannabis

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Musty, Stale Moisture Odors

odors in automobiles

Auto Odor Removal

Mold & Mildew Odor

Campers, RV's and Boats

Campers & RV's

What is Odor and What is Involved in Odor Removal?

Are You Ready to Take Action? Contact Us Today!

Each and every one of our services, can be professionally applied to your living, working or recreational spaces. We can deep clean, deodorize, sanitize or protect the air, fixtures, furniture, walls, floors and HVAC systems of your world.

Drop us a line here, we want to help you win more clients and solve tough issues!

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Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

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Maine OdorPros

Professional Odor Removal Specialists

For more information, contact us directly

Portland: southme@odor-pros.com | Bangor: Joshua@odor-pros.com

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

Tel: 207.323.4447

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This is primarily a benefit to those that purchase either at the Premium or Growth Pack levels. We do our very best to get the entire site maintaining and growing nationally, so that you will rank locally. We focus extremely hard on keyword research, Schema development, technical crawls and site structure to get you leads from just your initial investment. That is not to say that the more you put into it, the faster it will go, we just want you to hit the ground running.

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The store you see on this site is there to support your clients, with their own after-service odor control needs. OdorPros affiliates purchase their supplies directly from the professionals store at Synergy Americas. Here, there are professional and affiliate discounts attached to your account and there is just a $500 minimum order for both deep discounts and free freight.

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For those participating in the Premium or Growth Pack programs, we provide affiliate-specific PDF or JPEG files for printing the vast majority of materials you will need to explain exactly the service you can provide and how these services succeed.

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If it were really that simple, then anyone could do it, right?

But also, if you don't have down the basics, how would you ever hope to win your first odor removal contract? Our online training program is not intended to teach you everything, but just to be scared of accept anything - any job that comes along.

The reason is you will learn more in the field than you ever will online, and we'll be there to help. What you will know after the online courses are the nature of odor, the role of bacteria, and the tools at your disposal to get the job done, and done right.

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