Ridding Your Home of the Pet Odors that Ruin Great Memories.

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We KNOW How to Remove Pet Odors!

We're not just calling ourselves the 'PROS' in pet odor removal. Our clients can attest that we have a system for removing pet odors that is far better than those relying upon steam, heavy chemicals, or just ozone for the removal of pet odors. We offer guaranteed pet odor removal services that you can count on - regardless of its source: cat urine, dog urine, feces, cat spraying or simply the continual invasion of the 'wet dog' like you may seasonally suffer in your home, camp or cottage.

We can provide pet odor removal services for your home, car, camper, RV and even for large doggie day cares and veterinary offices.

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

Professional Pet Odor Removal Services

Primary Sources of Pet Odors

odors from wet dogs

The Wet Pet Odor

What is "Wet Pet Odor"?

Dogs do not sweat like humans sweat. Dogs perspire from their paws, and they also sweat from their hair follicle, which has a scent that is individual to each and every dog. They also produce an oil, that has a strong smell as well. These odors permeate the entire indoor living areas. With the humid air, the smell is escalated.

Did you know that microorganisms live in dogs hair and it is the biggest source of the wet dog smell?

These microorganisms produce Volatile Organic Compounds which create that awful pet odor smell. Add moisture and evaporation and the nasty smell increases.

odors from puppy accidents

Dog Urine Odor

Adorable to a point...

Puppies are adorable, but not so their urine smell. Like all urine-producing animals, puppies excrete pee that contains urea, creatine, uric acid, carbohydrates, enzymes, fatty acids, hormones, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and ammonia, and of course...lots of water.

Many of these substances are prime food source for bacteria that digests the nutrients and produces potent odors. Wherever the water can run, the bacteria follows, seams in floorboards, around and through carpet fibers, into backing and from there to the substrate below.

odors from cat spraying

Cat Spray & Urine Odor

Marking Territory...Everywhere!

Cats may have litter boxes and still you will find you have odors in other rooms of your house...why?

Cat Spraying.

Cat spraying is a practice that cats use to mark the vertical and soft surfaces of your home. It is also called "Urine Marking" which involves a cat excreting urine by squatting down in front and firing off small but powerful jets of urine to mark its territory - this can be done anywhere and everywhere - and so small that it is difficult to find, even with a blacklight. Worse yet, wall surfaces are porous allowing for deeper penetration.

Solutions for Pet Odor, Stains & Dander

urine odor elimination
deodorizing gel kit

Continuous Odor Relief

Face it.

It is impossible to be on hand for every puppy pee accident. It happens while you sleep, while you are at work, and especially while your pet is not right by your side.

With our No-NonScents Odor Relief Gel Kit, you get immediate and 24/7 assistance with eliminating the odors from the air. This unit sets up in under a minute, can be placed anywhere in a room, and is completely adjustable so you can get from 30-90 days of relief from odor problems.

Cat urine stain on chair
Pet spotting spray

Eliminating the Stain

Removing pet urine stains (and odor) from furniture and carpets is not rocket science, and it need not be expensive.

With our No-NonScents Odor Consume Spray, you get an immediate treatment that can be sprayed onto any fabric or carpeted surface. Simply spray it on the soiled area, and keep it damp for 15-30 minutes, then blot it up with successive damp and/or dry clean terry cloth rags. With even the worst spots, repeated treatments should easily remove all trace of staining and urine odor. Comes in 32oz bottles covering hundreds of square feet.

allergic reaction to pet dander
Protecting surfaces

Dealing with Pet Dander

Pet dander and other allergens become a problem when they become airborne.

The dirty, fine fibers float into the air and are breathed into the lungs triggering an allergic reaction. We have a solution.

By treating your furniture, fixtures and carpeting with ChitoShield Antimicrobial Spray Treatment after your next cleaning, you not only are gaining additional protection from stain and odor causing microbes, but are applying a biostatic coating that deactivates the ionic charge of dander that creates static and sends it aloft.

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

Products & Services for the Removal of Odors

Why Do We Succeed Where Others Fail?

It's Because We Have the BEST Pet Odor Removal Program!

Like many other odor removal processes, we employ an 'oxidizer', a molecule that is able to eliminate bacteria, denature allergens and destroy odors at the molecular level.

There are those that swear by ozone, but our system is far less corrosive and, molecule for molecule, 250% more effective. The light greenish-yellow gas we temporarily generate in your home penetrates surfaces more deeply, destroys odors faster, and is remarkably similar to what is contained within each of our own white blood cells.

In short, you can trust the science.

OdorPros Removes Wild Animals Smells!

odors from skunks on your property

Odors from Skunks

Yes, we offer skunk odor removal services

Odors from skunks are one of the most pungent and offensive odors known to homeowners, and if you, your pet or your garage has had an encounter with a skunk, you need the OdorPros!

wild animal infestation

Odors from Squirrels

Yes, we offer squirrel odor removal services

Odors from squirrels can accumulate anywhere, in crawl spaces, basements, wall cavities and attics. They will fill every space they can find with food and feces. When this happens...you need the OdorPros!

odors in attics from bats and rodents

Odors from Bats

Yes, we offer bat odor removal services

When bats take up residency in your home or attic, their putrid droppings are one of the first signs of an invasion. Once you've had the entry source for any rodent sealed off, your next call should be to one of the OdorPros.

What is unique about the Odor from pets, and What can I do to help control out family's Pet Odors?

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